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Data Analysis

Statistical data analysis is the most important part of research, as all your findings and Interpretations are based on the way you analyse your raw data. Thus, it can be biggest hindrance for your research to make mistakes at this stage. If you do not use the right statistical tests, tools and techniques, then it can be disastrous for your entire research. We have a team of professional statisticians who can help you in analysing the data and interpreting your findings. There are basically two type of Studies :

1- Quantitative Study - In case your study is quantitative, we shall use softwares like SPSS, STATA, Eviews, SAS and AMOS to analyse the raw data. We also recommend you the right statistical tests like chi-square, Anova etc to be used for your study. In SPSS, our team shall do the descriptive and Inferential analysis for you and will provide you the interpretation reports as well.

2- Qualitative Study- Qualitative research is endlessly creative and interpretive. Qualitative interpretations are constructed, and various techniques can be used to make sense of the data, such as content analysis, grounded theory, thematic analysis or discourse analysis.

It emphasizes pinpointing, examining, and recording patterns (or "themes") within data. Themes are patterns across data sets that are important to the description of a phenomenon and are associated to a specific research question.

Phd Thesis World can also help you in Questionnaire development, designing research methodology, Checking the Reliability and validity of your questionnaire. With the help of our services, our clients get satisfactory analyses for reliable research reports.

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