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Editing / Proof Reading

Our team of editors can help the scholars in complete editing of there thesis or Dissertation. Many Research scholars do not have the time to go into all these details or have the knowledge of required professional writing styles and formatting rules. We can improve your dissertation by making corrections like language, typo errors, sentence structure etc.

Below are some editing services offered:
1. Proofreading- This is a basic service caters to minor mistakes like typographical errors, syntax errors etc.
2. Standard Editing- This type of editing covers all errors be it grammatical, structural or citation errors.
3. Rewriting: Under this we will do the rephrasing of the content written by you, keeping same value to the research work, but improvised content.
4. Formatting: In this, we shall do the formatting as per the guideline of University.
5. Plagiarism check : We will check the plagiarism and provide a report using turnitin software.
6. Plagiarism removal : We will work on removing plagiarism after we have the report.
7. Corrections Work- Under this, we shall take care of all the comments which you must have received from the University.

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