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Questionnaire Development

A Questionnaire plays a very important part in the research study. It plays a vital role in collecting data and survey results for research. It is very important to design a questionnaire while considering factors like the:
  • Type of study
  • The research design and methodology,
  • Its ease of use
  • Target population, etc.

The main role of questionnaire is to draw out the information, that will be help the research scholar to fulfill the objectives of study.

We at PhD Thesis World, help research scholars in designing a questionnaire for both qualitative and quantitative study.

Our team has a good understanding of questionnaire designing and formatting. Our team has an intensive knowledge of several ratings scales, question types, ethical issues, reliability and validity factors, etc. and are able to provide an objective set of enquiries in the form of a questionnaire.

Choice of scales like Likert five point or seven point scale is also important and should be backed by rationale for using the same. Once the questionnaire is done, we can check the reliability of the questionnaire as well.

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